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SPECIES Castor fiber

Author:Linnaeus, 1758.
Citation:Syst. Nat., 10th ed, 1: 58.
Common Name:Eurasian Beaver
Type Locality:Sweden.
Distribution:Throughout N Eurasia, including Austria, Belarus, Belgium, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Moldova, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia (populations throughout), Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine; formerly extinct but reintroduced in many of these countries. See Nolet and Rosell (1998) and Véron (1992a).
Status:U. S. ESA – Endangered as C. fiber birulai; IUCN – Critically Endangered as C. f. tuvinicus, Vulnerable as C. f. birulai and C. f. pohlei; otherwise Near Threatened.
Comments:Reviewed by Heidecke (1986), who recognized eight subspecies, and Véron (1992b), who recognized six; neither supported Lavrov (1983) in treating C. albicus as a separate species. Subspecific boundaries and resultant synonymies are unclear and further obscured by historical translocations and reintroductions.
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    albicus Matschie, 1907
    albus Kerr, 1792
    balticus Matschie, 1907
    belarusicus Lavrov, 1974
    belorussicus Lavrov, 1981
    bielorussieus Lavrov, 1983
    birulai Serebrennikov, 1929
    flavus Desmarest, 1822
    fulvus Bechstein, 1801
    galliae É. Geoffroy, 1803
    gallicus Fischer, 1829
    introductus Saveljev, 1997
    niger Desmarest, 1822
    orientoeuropaeus Lavrov, 1981
    osteuropaeus Lavrov, 1974
    pohlei Serebrennikov, 1929
    proprius Billberg, 1833
    solitarius Kerr, 1792
    tuvinicus Lavrov, 1969
    variegatus Bechstein, 1801
    varius Desmarest, 1822
    vistulanus Matschie, 1907

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