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SPECIES Spermophilus (see comments) undulatus

Author:Pallas, 1778.
Citation:Nova Spec. Quad. Glir. Ord.: 122.
Common Name:Long-tailed Ground Squirrel
Type Locality:"Selenga River valley," [Buryat ASSR, Russia].
Distribution:E Kazakhstan; S Siberia, Transbaikalia (Russia); N Mongolia; Heilungjiang and Xinjiang (China).
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Urocitellus according to Gromov et al. (1965:162), but see Hall (1981:381) who included Urocitellus in subgenus Spermophilus. Formerly included parryii (Hall and Kelson, 1959:343); but see Nadler et al. (1974) and comments under parryii. Chromosomes described by Nadler et al. (1975a).
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