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SPECIES Marmota (Marmota) bobak

Author:Müller, 1776.
Citation:Linné's Vollstand. Natursyst. Suppl.: 40.
Common Name:Bobak Marmot
Type Locality:"Poland." Restricted by Ognev (1963a:221) to "right [W] bank of the Dnepr [River]", Ukraine.
Distribution:Steppes of E Europe, east through Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia to N and C Kazakhstan.
Status:Regaining parts of former range (Bibikov, 1991). IUCN – Lower Risk (conservation dependent).
Comments:Subgenus Marmota (Steppan et al., 1999). See comments under baibacina, himalayana, and sibirica. Includes kozlovi (Fokanov, 1966) and tschaganensis (Gromov et al., 1965).
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