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SPECIES Trachypithecus (Trachypithecus) auratus

Author:É. Geoffroy, 1812.
Citation:Ann. Mus. Hist. Nat. Paris, 19: 93.
Common Name:Javan Lutung
Type Locality:Java, Semarang (Müller, 1840:16).
Distribution:Java, Bali, and Lombok (Indonesia).
Status:CITES – Appendix II; IUCN – Endangered as T. a. auratus and T. a. mauritius.
Comments:T. cristatus species group. Separated from T. cristatus by Weitzel and Groves (1985). Brandon-Jones (1995) placed this species, together with T. johnii and all the T. francoisi species group, in a separate (auratus) species group.
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