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SPECIES Tarsius tarsier

Author:Erxleben, 1777.
Citation:Syst. Regni Anim., I. Mammalia: 71.
Common Name:Spectral Tarsier
Type Locality:Unknown. Based on the "Tarsier or Woolly Jerboa" of Buffon, 1749, Histoire Naturelle, 13, N°MCCXXXV. Shekelle and Groves (in prep.) restricted the type locality to Makassar (Sulawesi, Indonesia), following Hill’s (1953) previous restriction of the type locality of spectrum to that region.
Distribution:Sulawesi lowlands and Selayar Isl (Indonesia).
Status:CITES – Appendix II; IUCN – Lower Risk (nt) as T. spectrum.
Comments:The description and plate of Buffon’s (1849) "Tarsier or Woolly Jerboa" clearly indicates a Sulawesi tarsier; the name therefore takes precedence over spectrum Pallas; it is not a nomen oblitum because it was used by Chasen (1940). Niemitz et al. (1991) implied that this species, which they called T. spectrum, may be restricted to N Sulawesi; but the N Sulawesi tarsier may not be conspecific with that from Makassar. There are probably a number of undescribed species, sharply distinguished by their vocalizations (Shekelle et al., 1998) and by morphological features (Groves, in prep.), in different regions of Sulawesi, and the Selayar tarsier is also distinct.
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    buffonii (Link, 1795)
    daubentonii Fischer, 1804
    fischerii Desmarest, 1804
    fuscomanus Fischer, 1804
    fuscus Fischer, 1804
    macrotarsos Schreber, 1778
    pallassii É. Geoffroy, 1796
    podje (Kerr, 1792)
    spectrum (Pallas, 1778)

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