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SPECIES Balaenoptera edeni

Author:Anderson, 1879.
Citation:Anat. Zool. Res., Yunnan: p. 551, pl. 44.
Common Name:Bryde’s Whale
Type Locality:Burma, "found its way into the Thaybyoo Choung, which runs into the Gulf of Martaban between the Sittang and Beeling Rivers, and about equidistant from each".
Distribution:Worldwide: warm-temperate to tropical waters. Distributional records sometimes confused with B. borealis.
Status:CITES – Appendix I; IUCN – Data Deficient.
Comments:Reviewed by Cummings (1985a). May represent more than one species (Wada and Numachi, 1991). Rice (1998:71) recognized B. edeni (Eden’s or Sittang Whale; smaller in size) as being distinct from B. brydei (Bryde’s whale; larger in size) but we used only one species because it is not clear if B. edeni is the larger or the smaller type whale and B. edeni has a type specimen. Wada, Oishi and Yamada (2003) described Balaenoptera omurai, related to B. edeni and recognized B. brydei. Due to the controversy regarding this step, we have recognized B. omurai as a synonym with the provision that it may be recognized as a full species when Balaenoptera is revised. See comment in Rice (1998:71-75).



    brydei Olsen, 1913
    omurai Wada, Oishi, and Yamada, 2003

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