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SPECIES Procapra gutturosa

Author:Pallas, 1777.
Citation:Spicil. Zool., 12: 46.
Common Name:Mongolian Gazelle
Type Locality:"Intra Siberiae limites maxime Dauuriam transmontanum, campos dico circa Ononem and Argunum, frequentat" (Russia, SE Transbaikalia, Chitinsk. Obl., upper Onon River).
Distribution:Formerly China (Gansu, Heilongjiang, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Ningxia, Shanxi, Shaanxi), NE Kazakhstan, Mongolia (except mountains and SW desert), and Russia (Chuya Steppe, Transbaikalia and Tuva on Mongolian border). Now extinct in Kazakhstan and survives only in Inner Mongolia (China), Khomin Tal Steppe in W Mongolia, E Mongolia, and Transbaikalia (Russia).
Status:IUCN Least Concern.
Comments:Reviewed by Sokolov and Lushchekina (1997, Mammalian Species, 571). Distribution reviewed by Mallon and Kingswood (2001). Monotypic status follows Groves (1986).



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