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SPECIES Damaliscus pygargus

Author:Pallas, 1767.
Citation:Spicil. Zool., 1: 10.
Common Name:Bontebok (see comments).
Type Locality:No locality. Since restricted to South Africa, Western Cape Prov., Caledon, Swart River (Bigalke, 1948).
Distribution:Bontebok sensu stricto (D. p. pygargus) only in South Africa (Western Cape Prov.); Blesbok (D. p. phillipsi) formerly in SW Lesotho, South Africa (Northern Cape Prov. E of 23oE, Eastern Cape Prov., Free State, North-West Prov., Gautung, Mpumalanga, and NW and W KwaZulu-Natal), and Swaziland; now only in captivity, or as reintroduced populations in Lesotho, South Africa, and Swaziland. Introduced on private land in Botswana, Namibia, and Zimbabwe (East, 1999).
Status:CITES Appendix II as D. pygargus pygargus; and U.S. ESA Endangered as D. pygarus [sic] (= dorcas) dorcas; IUCN Vulnerable as D. p. pygargus, Least Concern as D. p. phillipsi.
Comments:The name Bontebok usually applies to D. p. pygargus, while D. d. phillipsi is the Blesbok. Includes phillipsi and albifrons; see Ansell (1972:55). Includes dorcas, a junior secondary homonym; pygargus is the valid name; see Rookmaaker (1991).



SUBSPECIES phillipsi


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