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SPECIES Connochaetes gnou

Author:Zimmermann, 1780.
Citation:Geogr. Gesch. Mensch. Vierf. Thiere, 2: 102.
Common Name:Black Wildebeest
Type Locality:South Africa, "Die lander der Caffern, ziemlich tief ins land vom Cap gerechnet in grossen Waldern ohnmeit der Uchtermanns Brenjes hogde und Camdebo"; since selected as Eastern Cape Prov., Somerset East Dist., Agterbruintjieshoogte (Grubb, 1999).
Distribution:Formally W Lesotho, South Africa (E of 22oE in Karoo and grassveld vegetation types), and W Swaziland; now only in captivity, or as reintroduced populations in Lesotho, South Africa (including introductions beyond its former range), and Swaziland.
Status:IUCN Least Concern.
Comments:Reviewed by Von Richter (1974, Mammalian Species, 50). Catoblepas brookii C. H. Smith, 1827 is not a synonym but is based on a horn probably of the domestic cattle of Bornu (Lydekker, 1912).



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