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SPECIES Muntiacus truongsonensis

Author:Giao, Tuoc, Eric, Dung et al. [sic; apparently Giao, Tuoc, Dung, Wikramanayake, Amato, Arctander and Mackinnon], 1997.
Citation:InHa, Vietnam Economic News, 38: 46.
Common Name:Annamite Muntjac
Type Locality:Vietnam, "in the west of Quang Nam province"; "collected from four houses in three locations in Hien District, West Quang Nam Province, Vietnam The three locations are: Hien, the District capital, A Tin village, and A Plo village (1556'59''N, 10734'18''E)" (Giao et al., 1998). The type locality is one of these three places.
Distribution:Upland forest in S Laos and C Vietnam; possibly S China (including SE Yunnan).
Status:IUCN Not Evaluated, Data Deficient DSG recommended, as Truong Son muntjac.
Comments:First described as Caninmuntiacus truongsonensis Giao, Tuoc, Eric [Wikramanayake], Dung et al., in Ha (1997). Later named as Muntiacus truongsonensis Giao, Tuoc, Dung, Wikramanayake, Amato, Arctander and Mackinnon, 1998. These authors named a holotype, though technically it is probably a lectotype. The earlier publication satisfies the requirements for availability and the authorship appears to be correctly attributable to Giao et al. (Articles 9 and 10 and Article 50.1.1, respectively, International Code of Zoological Nomenclature; International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature, 1999). Known distribution discussed by Groves and Schaller (2000). A skin attributed to M. feae from SE Yunnan (Sokolov, 1957) may represent this species; presumed occurrence of M. crinifrons in Yunnan and Guangdong to Jaingsu (Shou, 1962:454) may also refer to M. truongsonensis.



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