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SPECIES Macrogalidia musschenbroekii

Author:Schlegel, 1877.
Citation:Prosp. Mus. Publ., 1877: [unnumbered].
Common Name:Sulawesi Palm Civet
Type Locality:"in the Northern parts of the isle of Celebes", restriced by Jentink (1887), to "Celebes, Menado-Kinilo" [Indonesia, Kinilou, 122'N, 12451'E].
Distribution:Indonesia (Sulawesi).
Status:IUCN Vulnerable.
Comments:Schlegel (1877) circulated an unnumbered "Prospectus," for the "Annals of the Royal Zoological Museum of the Netherlands at Leyden", which contained the first mention of the new species. The prospectus was to preceed the first issue of the new "Annals" which was never printed. He republished the type description in the Notes of the Leyden Museum (1879).



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