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GENUS Vespadelus

Author:Troughton, 1943.
Citation:Furred animals of Australia, 1st ed., Sydney: Angus and Robertson: 349.
Type Species:Scotophilus pumilus Gray, 1841.
Comments:Vespadelus was first published as a nomen nudum (no accompanying diagnosis) by Iredale and Troughton (1934); the name was made available by Troughton (1943), who provided a diagnosis. Often included in Pipistrellus (e.g., Hill and Harrison, 1987) or Eptesicus (e.g., Adams et al., 1987; Kitchener et al., 1987; Koopman, 1993, 1994; McKean et al., 1978), but see Volleth and Tidemann (1991) and Volleth and Heller (1994). Revised by Kitchener et al. (1987); see also Adams et al. (1987) and Queale (1997). Species groups follow Kitchener et al. (1987).


SPECIES baverstocki

SPECIES caurinus

SPECIES darlingtoni

SPECIES douglasorum

SPECIES finlaysoni

SPECIES pumilus

SPECIES regulus

SPECIES troughtoni

SPECIES vulturnus


    Registrellus Troughton, 1943
    Vespadelus Iredale and Troughton, 1934

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