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SPECIES Glauconycteris machadoi

Author:Hayman, 1963.
Citation:Comp. Diamantes de Angola, Ser. Cult., 1963: 107.
Common Name:Machado's Butterfly Bat
Type Locality:Angola, Lac Calundo.
Distribution:Angola; known only from the type locality.
Status:IUCN 2003 Not evaluated; not considered in IUCN/SSC Action Plan (2001).
Comments:Known only from the holotype. Koopman (1971a:6) treated machadoi as a subspecies of variegata, suggesting that it might be "simply a melanistic mutant individual" of the latter widespread species, which is typically pale creamy buff with a whitish head and pale wing membranes. Alternatively, Hayman and Hill (1971) treated machadoi as a separate species in recognition of its distinct coloration, which includes brown dorsal fur, a dark brown head, dark wing membranes, and a creamy-white underbelly. Peterson and Smith (1973) and Crawford-Cabral (1989c) also treated machadoi as distinct. I follow the latter authors pending additional evidence.



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