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SPECIES Plecotus alpinus

Author:Kiefer and Veith, 2001.
Actual Date:2002
Citation:Myotis, 39 [dated 2001; issued April, 2002]: 8.
Common Name:Alpine Long-eared Bat
Type Locality:France, Haute-Alpes, Ristolas, 4446'N, 0657'E, 1600 m.
Distribution:France, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Greece.
Status:IUCN 2003 Not evaluated (new species).
Comments:Morphologically similar to auritus and austriacus and probably confused with these taxa in some previous studies. See Kock (2002) for discussion of priority of the name alpinus over microdontus for this species. For comparisons with other European Plecotus species, see Mucedda et al. (2002) and Spitzenberger et al. (2002). Also see Kiefer et al. (2002). Garin et al. (2003) suggested that macrobullaris may be a senior synonym of alpinus (rather than a subspecies of austriacus), but the supporting data have not yet been published.



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