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SPECIES Rhogeessa (Rhogeessa) tumida

Author:H. Allen, 1866.
Citation:Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phil., 18: 286.
Common Name:Black-winged Little Yellow Bat
Type Locality:Mexico, Veracruz, Mirador.
Distribution:Tamaulipas (Mexico) to N Nicaragua and NW Costa Rica.
Status:IUCN 2003 and IUCN/SSC Action Plan (2001) Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Rhogeessa. Listed as a subspecies of parvula by Hall and Kelson (1959), but see LaVal (1973b) and Hall (1981). Does not include aeneus; see Audet et al. (1993) and Genoways and Baker (1996). Does not include io; see Genoways and Baker (1996). See Vonhof (2000).



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