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GENUS Arielulus

Author:Hill and Harrison, 1987.
Citation:Bull. Br. Mus. Nat. Hist., 52: 250.
Type Species:Vespertilio circumdatus Temminck, 1840.
Comments:Named as a subgenus of Pipistrellus by Hill and Harrison (1987). Transferred to Eptesicus by Heller and Volleth (1984) and Volleth and Heller (1994), but subsequently recognized as a distinct genus by Csorba and Lee (1999). Includes Thainycteris; see Csorba and Lee (1999).


SPECIES aureocollaris

SPECIES circumdatus

SPECIES cuprosus

SPECIES societatis

SPECIES torquatus


    Thainycteris Kock and Storch, 1996

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