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SPECIES Chaerephon pumilus

Author:Cretzschmar, 1830-1831.
Citation:In Rüppell, Atlas Reise Nördl. Afr., Zool. Säugeth., 1: 69.
Common Name:Little Free-tailed Bat
Type Locality:Eritrea, Massawa.
Distribution:Senegal to Yemen, south to South Africa; Bioko (Equatorial Guinea); São Tomé; Pemba and Zanzibar; Comoro Isls; Aldabra and Amirante Isls (Seychelles); Madagascar.
Status:IUCN 2003 and IUCN/SSC Action Plan (2001) – Lower Risk (lc) as C. pumila; Vulnerable as C. pusilla.
Comments:plicatus species group. Includes pusillus; see Hayman and Hill (1971). Does not include leucogaster; see Peterson et al. (1995). Koopman (1994) included leucogaster in pumilus and recognized 12 subspecies in the resulting complex. However, subspecies limits are poorly defined and many populations have not be allocated, rendering any subspecific classification useless. This complex probably includes more than one species; Peterson et al. (1995) recognized hindei, limbata, and naivashae as distinct, but did not diagnose or delimit them. Note that the correct spelling for the specific epithet in combination with Chaerephon is pumilus (not pumila) because the genus name is masculine. Northern records reviewed in part by Harrison and Bates (1991). See Bouchard (1998), but note that she included leucogaster in this species. Specimens reported as pumilus by Happold (1967) actually represent major.



    dubius Peters, 1852
    elphicki Roberts, 1926
    faini Hayman, 1951
    gambianus De Winton, 1901
    hindei Thomas, 1904
    langi Roberts, 1932
    limbata Peters, 1852
    naivashae Hollister, 1916
    pusillus Miller, 1902

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