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GENUS Vampyressa

Author:Thomas, 1900.
Citation:Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., ser. 7, 5: 270.
Type Species:Phyllostoma pusillum Wagner, 1843.
Comments:Subtribe Ectophyllina. Includes Metavampyressa and Vampyriscus, here recognized as subgenera along with Vampyressa; see Jones and Carter (1976). Probably not monophyletic; see Wetterer et al. (2000) and Baker et al. (2000). A key for this genus was presented in Lewis and Wilson (1987). See Lim et al. (2003) for a phylogeny of the genus.


SUBGENUS Vampyressa

SPECIES melissa

SPECIES pusilla

SPECIES thyone

SUBGENUS Metavampyressa

SPECIES brocki

SPECIES nymphaea

SUBGENUS Vampyriscus

SPECIES bidens


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