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GENUS Carollia

Author:Gray, 1838.
Citation:Mag. Zool. Bot., 2: 488.
Type Species:Carollia braziliensis Gray, 1838 (= Vespertilio perspicillata Linnaeus, 1758).
Comments:Revised by Pine (1972); phylogeny and geographic patterns discussed by Lim and Engstrom (1998), Wright et al. (1999), Baker et al. (2002), and Hoffman and Baker (2003). Also see Cloutier and Thomas (1992) and Cuartas et al. (2001). Keys were provided by many of these authors, but none included all of the species recognized here.


SPECIES brevicauda

SPECIES castanea

SPECIES colombiana

SPECIES perspicillata

SPECIES sowelli

SPECIES subrufa


    Hemiderma Gervais, 1856
    Rhinops Gray, 1866

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