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SPECIES Pteropus rufus

Author:E. Geoffroy, 1803.
Citation:Cat. Mamm. Mus. Nat. Hist. Nat. Paris: 47.
Common Name:Malagasy Flying Fox
Type Locality:Madagascar. Restricted to "N. and C. Madagascar" by K. Andersen (1908).
Status:CITES Appendix II. IUCN/SSC Action Plan (1992) Not Threatened. IUCN 2003 Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:niger species group. Reviewed by Peterson et al. (1995); also see Bergmans (1990). Some authors have recognized princeps as a subspecies, but this has not been supported in recent analyses; see Bergmans (1990) and Peterson et al. (1995). Because Wilson and Reeder (1993) did not treat names established in E. Geoffroy (1803) as available, Koopman (1993) attributed authorship of rufus to Tiedemann ("1808, Zool., v.1, Allgemeine Zool., Mensch Saugthiere, Landshut, p.535."), but rufus Tiedemann is a junior synonym of niger Kerr; see Grubb (2001a) and Opinion 2005 of the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (2002b).



    edwardsi E. Geoffroy, 1810
    phaiops Temmnick, 1825
    princeps K. Andersen, 1908

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