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SPECIES Pteropus mariannus

Author:Desmarest, 1822.
Citation:Mammalogie, in Encycl. M้th., 2(Suppl.): 547.
Common Name:Marianas Flying Fox
Type Locality:West Pacific, Mariana Isls, Guam (USA).
Distribution:S Mariana Isls through Guam to Ulithi Isl.
Status:CITES – Appendix I; U.S. ESA – Endangered (but proposed reclassification to Threatened) in Guam as P. m. mariannus; Proposed Threatened in the Aguijan, Tinian, Saipan populations. IUCN/SSC Action Plan (1992) – Endangered: Limited Distribution. IUCN 2003 – Endangered.
Comments:mariannus species group. Probably includes vanikorensis, see Troughton (1930). If vanikorensis is in fact from the Mariana Isls (rather than Vanikoro Isl in the Santa Cruz Isls), it would likely be a synonym of either the nominate subspecies or paganensis. Systematics of this complex is somewhat confused; some authors have included pelewensis, ualanus, and yapensis as subspecies of mariannus (e.g., Koopman, 1994), while others have treated them as distinct species without comment (e.g., Corbet and Hill, 1980). I follow Flannery (1995b) in provisionally recognizing pelewensis, ualanus, and yapensis as distinct species pending further study.


SUBSPECIES mariannus

SUBSPECIES paganensis

SUBSPECIES ulthiensis


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