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SPECIES Pteropus chrysoproctus

Author:Temminck, 1837.
Citation:Monogr. Mamm., 2: 67.
Common Name:Moluccan Flying Fox
Type Locality:Indonesia, Maluku, Ambon.
Distribution:Ambon, Buru, Seram, and small islands east of Seram (Indonesia). A Sangihe Isl record is erroneous; see Bergmans and Rozendaal (1988).
Status:CITES Appendix II. IUCN/SSC Action Plan (1992) No Data. IUCN 2003 Lower Risk (nt).
Comments:chrysoproctus species group. See Flannery (1995b). Apparently includes argentatus, a taxon based on a badly damaged immature specimen thought to be from Ambon (K. Helgen, pers. comm.). Sulawesi specimens previously referred to argentatus were allocated to Acerodon celebensis by Musser et al. (1982a). This complex includes several undescribed species (K. Helgen, pers. comm.).



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