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SPECIES Sorex (Sorex) tundrensis

Author:Merriam, 1900.
Citation:Proc. Wash. Acad. Sci., 2: 16.
Common Name:Tundra Shrew
Type Locality:USA, Alaska, St. Michaels.
Distribution:Sakhalin Isl; Siberia, from the Pechora River to Chukotka, south to the Altai Mtns; Mongolia and NE China; Alaska (USA); Yukon, Northwest Territories (Canada).
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Sorex, S. tundrensis group (Fumagalli et al., 1999). Youngman (1975) provided evidence that tundrensis is specifically distinct from arcticus. Palearctic populations formerly referred to arcticus were included in tundrensis by Junge et al. (1983) and Okhotina (1983). Hoffmann (1987) and van Zyll de Jong (1991b) discussed additional aspects of its taxonomy and distribution. Karyotype variable: 2n = 31-41, FN 56-60 in Siberia, 2n = 32/33, FN = 58 in Yukon, and 2n = 32/33, FN = 62 in C Alaska. Kozlovsky (1976) found irkutensis and sibiriensis to be karyotypically distinct; possibly two sibling species occur throughout the Palearctic range. Meylan and Hausser (1991) described a karyotype from Canada that was identical to some in Siberia.



    amasari Ognev, 1922
    amazari Ognev, 1928
    baikalensis Ognev, 1913
    borealis Kastchenko, 1905
    centralis Thomas, 1911
    irkutensis Ognev, 1933
    jenissejensis Dudelski, 1930
    khankae Baranova and Zaitsev, 2003
    margarita Fetisov, 1950
    middendorfii Ognev, 1933
    parvicaudatus Okhotina, 1976
    petschorae Ognev, 1922
    schnitnikovi Ognev, 1922
    sibiriensis Ognev, 1922
    transrypheus Stroganov, 1956
    ultimus G. Allen, 1914
    ussuriensis Okhotina, 1983

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