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SPECIES Sorex (unnamed subgenus, see comments) trowbridgii

Author:Baird, 1857.
Citation:Mammalia, in Repts. U.S. Expl. Surv., 8(1): 13.
Common Name:Trowbridge's Shrew
Type Locality:USA, "Astoria [mouth of the Columbia River, Clatsop Co.], Oregon".
Distribution:Coastal ranges from Washington (including Destruction Isl) to California (USA); SW British Columbia (Canada).
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Referred to unnamed subgenus by George (1988:456). Karyotype variable, 2n = 31-42, FN = 56-60 (Zima et al., 1998). Karyotype data analyzed by Ivanitskaya (1994) also place S. trowbridgii on a distinct branch in her cladogram. Reviewed by George (1989, Mammalian Species No. 337).


SUBSPECIES trowbridgii

SUBSPECIES destructioni

SUBSPECIES humboldtensis

SUBSPECIES mariposae

SUBSPECIES montereyensis


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