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SPECIES Sorex (Sorex) roboratus

Author:Hollister, 1913.
Citation:Smithson. Misc. Coll., 60(24): 2.
Common Name:Flat-skulled Shrew
Type Locality:Russia, Gorno-Altaisk A.O., "5 mi [8 km] S Dapuchu [Altai Mtns, Tapucha]".
Distribution:Russia east of River Ob to Ussuri River, south to Altai Mtns, N Mongolia, and Primorsk Krai.
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Sorex, S. caecutiens group. Formerly known as vir but roboratus has priority (Hoffmann, 1985a; Zaitsev, 1988). Taxonomy and distribution revised by Hoffmann (1985a). Karyotype has 2n = 42, FN = 70 (Orlov and Kozlovsky, 1971).



    dukelskiae Ognev, 1933
    jacutensis Dudelsky, 1928
    platycranius Ognev, 1922
    thomasi Ognev, 1922
    tomensis Ognev, 1922
    turuchanensis Naumoff, 1931
    vir G. Allen, 1914

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