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SPECIES Sorex (Otisorex) orizabae

Author:Merriam, 1895.
Citation:North American Fauna, 10: 71.
Common Name:Orizaba Long-tailed Shrew
Type Locality:Mexico, "Falda oeste del Pico de Orizaba, 9500 ft. [2895 m], Puebla".
Distribution:Endemic to Mexico; in Distrito Federal, México, Michoacán, Morelos, Puebla, Tlaxcala, and Veracruz (Carraway, ms).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (nt) as included in S. oreopolus.
Comments:Subgenus Otisorex. Contrary to Findley (1955b), this species does not include emarginatus or ventralis, which Diersing and Hoffmeister (1977) placed in the subgenus Sorex. S. orizabae was included in vagrans by Hennings and Hoffmann (1977:8), later included in oreopolus by Junge and Hoffmann (1981:43), and most recently considered a separate species by Carraway (ms).



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