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SPECIES Sorex (??See comments) minutissimus

Author:Zimmermann, 1780.
Citation:Geogr. Gesch. Mensch. Vierf. Thiere, 2: 385.
Common Name:Eurasian Least Shrew
Type Locality:"Yenisei"; given by Stroganov (1957:176) as "iz raiona sela Kiiskow chto na r. Kie (nyne g. Mariinsk Kemerovskoi oblasti)" [= Russia, Kemerovsk. Obl., Mariinsk (= Kiiskoe), bank of Kiia River (near Yenesei River)]; Restricted by Pavlinov and Rossolimo (1987:23) to "Krasnoyarskii kr., Krasnoyarsk."
Distribution:Taiga zone from Norway, Sweden and Estonia to E Siberia; Sakhalin; Hokkaido, and perhaps Honshu (Japan); Mongolia; China; South Korea.
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Sorex or Eurosorex, S. caecutiens group. Karyotype has 2n= 38 (Finland) or 42 (Siberia), FN = 74. Yoshiyuki (1988a) recognized nine subspecies, but the evidence seems to be weak, and none is recognized here. Ohdachi et al. (1997b) identified a sister relationship between S. minutissimus and S. hosonoi.



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