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SPECIES Sorex (unnamed subgenus, see comments) merriami

Author:Dobson, 1890.
Citation:Monogr. Insectivora, pt. 3 (Soricidae)(fasc. l): pl. 23.
Common Name:Merriam's Shrew
Type Locality:USA, "Fort Custer, Montana" = Bighorn Co., Little Bighorn River, ca. l mi. (1.6 km) above Fort Custer (= Hardin).
Distribution:Xeric habitats in EC Washington to N and E California, Arizona, north-eastward to Nebraska, Wyoming and Montana (USA).
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Referred to unnamed subgenus by George (1988:456). Reviewed by Armstrong and Jones (1971b, Mammalian Species No. 2).



    leucogenys Osgood, 1909

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