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SPECIES Sorex (Sorex) isodon

Author:Turov, 1924.
Citation:C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris: 111.
Common Name:Taiga Shrew
Type Locality:Russia, Siberia, NE of Lake Baikal, Barguzinsk taiga, River Sosovka.
Distribution:SE Norway and Finland through Siberia to the Pacific coast; Kamchatka; Sakhalin Isl; Kurile Isls; also NE China and Korea (Han et al., 2000b).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Sorex, S. caecutiens group. Karyotype has 2n = 42, FN = 70. Probably not conspecific with sinalis as suggested by Corbet (1978c) and Dolgov (1985); see Siivonen (1965) and Hoffmann (1987). Because the well established name isodon Turov is formally not available, and because isodon Stroganov is antedated by gravesi Goodwin, Hoffmann (1987) suggested that isodon be declared the valid name; the case still needs to be submitted to the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature. The species was reviewed by Sulkava (1990). The recently described isodon marchicus (Passarge, 1984) belongs to araneus; see Brünner et al. (2002c).



    gravesi Goodwin, 1933
    isodon Stroganov, 1936
    montanus Skalon and Rajevsky, 1940
    montanus Pavlinov, Borisenko, Kruskop and Yahontov, 1995
    princeps Skalon and Rajevsky, 1940
    ruthenus Stroganov, 1936
    sachalinensis Okhotina, 1984
    sachalinensis Okhotina, 1993

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