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SPECIES Sorex (Otisorex) haydeni

Author:Baird, 1857.
Citation:Mammalia, in Repts. U.S. Expl. Surv., 8(1): 29.
Common Name:Prairie Shrew
Type Locality:USA, "Fort Union, Nebraska" (later Fort Buford, now Mondak, Montana, near Buford, Williams Co., North Dakota).
Distribution:SE Alberta, S Saskatchewan, SW Manitoba (Canada); NW Montana southeast to Kansas, east to W and S Minnesota (USA).
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Subgenus Otisorex; S. cinereus group (Demboski and Cook, 2003). Karyotype has 2n = 64, FN = 66. Formerly included in but now separated from cinereus by van Zyll de Jong (1980) and Junge and Hoffmann (1981); both species are closely related (George, 1988). S. haydeni occurs in grassy habitats while S. cinereus prefers forest and woodland (van Zyll de Jong, 1980). In Minnesota, Stewart and Baker (1994, 1997) and Brunet et al. (2002) found evidence of introgression between haydeni and cinereus.



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