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SPECIES Neomys fodiens

Author:Pennant, 1771.
Citation:Synopsis Quadrupeds: 308.
Common Name:Eurasian Water Shrew
Type Locality:Germany, Berlin.
Distribution:Most of Europe including the British Isls and eastwards to Lake Baikal, Yenisei River (Russia), Tien Shan (China), and NW Mongolia; disjunct in Sakhalin Isl and adjacent Siberia, Jilin (China), and N Korea.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Includes orientis and watasei as possible subspecies (Hoffmann, 1987; Ognev, 1928; Yudin, 1989). Many of the listed synonyms have never been properly studied and identified and a meaningful subspecific division of the species is not possible yet. Recently, Lehmann (1983) referred constrictus to Crocidura russula. The form niethammeri from NE Spain may represent a valid species (Bühler, 1996; López-Fuster et al., 1990). Neomys newtoni Hinton, 1911 is regarded as an extinct Pleistocene species; see Rzebik-Kowalska (1998). Neomys intermedius Brunner, 1952 was identified as a chronosubspecies of N. fodiens by Schaefer (1973); the name, however, is not available. Karyotypes of N. fodiens from Sweden to Mongolia were consistantly 2n = 52, FN = 98 (Zima et al., 1998).



    albiventris (de Sélys Longchamps, 1839)
    albus (Bechstein, 1800)
    alpestris Burg, 1924
    aquaticus (Müller, 1776)
    argenteus Ognev, 1922
    bicolor (Shaw, 1791)
    brachyotus Ognev, 1922
    canicularius (Bechstein, 1800)
    carinatus (Hermann, 1780)
    ciliatus (Sowerby, 1805)
    collaris (Desmarest, 1818)
    dagestanicus Heptner and Formozov, 1928
    daubentonii (Erxleben, 1777)
    eremita (Meyer, 1793)
    fimbriatus (Fitzinger, 1868)
    fluviatilis (Bechstein, 1793)
    griseogularis (Fitzinger, 1868)
    hermanni (Duvernoy, 1835)
    hydrophilus (Pallas, 1811)
    ignotus Fatio, 1905
    intermedius (Cornalia, 1870)
    intermedius Brunner, 1952
    leucotis (de Sélys Longchamps, 1839)
    limchunhunii Won, 1954
    lineatus (E. Geoffroy, 1811)
    linneana (Gray, 1838)
    liricaudatus (Kerr, 1792)
    longobarda (Sordelli, 1899)
    macrourus (Lehmann, 1822)
    minor Miller, 1901
    musculus (Wagler, 1832)
    naias Barrett-Hamilton, 1905
    nanus Lydekker, 1906
    natans (Brehm, 1826)
    niethammeri Bühler, 1963
    nigricans (Nilsson, 1845)
    nigripes (Melchior, 1834)
    orientalis Hinton, 1915
    orientis Thomas, 1914
    pennantii (Gray, 1838)
    psilurus (Wagler, 1832)
    remifer (E. Geoffroy, 1811)
    rivalis (Brehm, 1830)
    sowerbyi (Bonaparte, 1840)
    stagnatilis (Brehm, 1826)
    stresemanni Stein, 1931
    watasei Kishida, 1930
    watasei Kuroda, 1941

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