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SPECIES Chimarrogale himalayica

Author:Gray, 1842.
Citation:Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., [ser. 1], 10: 261.
Common Name:Himalayan Water Shrew
Type Locality:"India", Punjab, Chamba.
Distribution:Kashmir through SE Asia to Indochina; C and S China; Taiwan.
Comments:Corbet (1978c) included leander, platycephala, varennei, and probably hantu in himalayica. Gureev (1979) listed leander, hantu, platycephala, and varennei as distinct species without comment; both views are only partially accepted here. Species reviewed by Jones and Mumford (1971) and Hoffmann (1987).



    himalayicus (Gray, 1842)
    leander Thomas, 1902
    varennei Thomas, 1927

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