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SPECIES Chimarrogale hantu

Author:Harrison, 1958.
Citation:Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., ser. 13, 1: 282.
Common Name:Malayan Water Shrew
Type Locality:"banks of a stream at low altitude (under 1,000 ft. [305 m]) in the Ulu Langat Forest Reserve, Selangor, Malaya, about 20 km. east of Kuala Lumpur."
Distribution:Tropical forest of the Malaysian peninsula.
Status:IUCN Critically Endangered.
Comments:Included in himalayica by Medway (1977) and other authors but retained by Jones and Mumford (1971). The species differs considerably in its morphology and ecology from the species that inhabit the Himalayan region. The photograph of a live animal in Nowak (1991:156) depicts this species.



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