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SPECIES Anourosorex yamashinai

Author:Kuroda, 1935.
Citation:J. Mammal., 16: 288.
Common Name:Taiwanese Mole Shrew
Type Locality:N Taiwan, Taiheizan, Taihoku-siu, 5500 ft. (1676 m).
Distribution:C highlands of Taiwan from 1500-2500 m.
Comments:Described as a subspecies of A. squamipes and kept as such until recently; see Petter (1963b), Jameson and Jones (1977), Hutterer (1993a), and Motokawa and Lin (2002). However, this island population differs from the Chinese mainland forms by a smaller body, shorter tail, and a distinct karyotype (Harada and Takada, 1985), and represents a species endemic to Taiwan (Motokawa et al., 2004). The ecology, distribution, and sub-population structure of A. yamashinai was studied by Alexander et al. (1987), Yu (1993, 1994) and Yu et al. (2001), making it the best-studied species of the genus.



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