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SPECIES Myosorex zinki

Author:Heim de Balsac and Lamotte, 1956.
Citation:Mammalia, 20: 148.
Common Name:Kilimanjaro Mouse Shrew
Type Locality:Tanzania, Mt. Kilimanjaro, SE slope, 3,700 m.
Distribution:High altitudes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, 2470-4000 m (Stanley et al., In Press).
Comments:In the last edition of this checklist (Hutterer, 1993a) this species was ommitted by mistake. This is a large and distinct species that resembles M. eisentrauti from Bioko (Stanley and Hutterer, 2000). Grimshaw et al. (1997) listed it as endemic to Mt. Kilimanjaro. Shore and Garbett (1991) collected one specimen at 3500 m. Recently it was found to be common on that mountain (W. T. Stanley, pers. comm., 2002).



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