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SPECIES Suncus megalura

Author:Jentink, 1888.
Citation:Notes Leyden Mus., 10: 48.
Common Name:Climbing Shrew
Type Locality:Liberia, Junk River, Schieffelinsville.
Distribution:Tropical forest and Guinea savanna zone of Africa from Upper Guinea to Ethiopia and south to Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc) as Sylvisorex megalura.
Comments:Until recently placed in genus Sylvisorex, but genetic data (Querouil et al., 2001) show that S. megalura is the sister species of the Indian S. dayi. Karyotype (2n = 48, FN = 96) described by Meylan (1975). A common African species of forest edges and forested savannas; range mapped by Hutterer et al. (1987b). Gureev (1979:381) listed sorella as a distinct species without comment. Some geographic variation exists, the Central African forest populations being smallest and darkest. For synonyms see Heim de Balsac and Meester (1977:7-8).



    angolensis (Roberts, 1929)
    gemmeus (Heller, 1910)
    infuscus (Thomas, 1915)
    irene (Thomas, 1915)
    phaeopus (Osgood, 1936)
    sheppardi (Kershaw, 1921)
    sorella (Thomas, 1898)
    sorelloides (Lönnberg, 1912)

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