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SPECIES Crocidura wuchihensis

Author:Wang, 1966.
Citation:Acta Zootax. Sin.: 261.
Common Name:Hainan Island Shrew
Type Locality:China, Hainan Isl, Mt. Wuchih.
Distribution:China (Hainan) and Vietnam; limits unknown.
Comments:Until recently included in C. horsfieldii (see Jiang and Hoffmann, 2001). However, very small specimens recently collected in Vietnam (Feiler and Ziegler, 1999; Kuznetsov, unpubl.) suggest that further species of Crocidura occur in Indochina. Lunde et al. (2003b) identified one taxon as C. wuchihensis, while a smaller specimen reported by Feiler and Ziegler (1999) may represent another (new) species.



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