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SPECIES Crocidura viaria

Author:I. Geoffroy, 1834.
Citation:In Zool. Voy. de Belanger Indes-Orient.: 127.
Common Name:Savanna Path Shrew
Type Locality:"Senegal", restricted to region between Dakar and St. Luis by Hutterer (1984).
Distribution:Sahelien and Sudan savanna from S Morocco to Senegal and east to Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya; perhaps further south.
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Revised by Hutterer (1984); Possibly includes suahelae, which may alternatively belong to zaphiri. A member of the flavescens species group (Maddalena, 1990), as shown by the karyotype (2n = 50, FN = 66; Maddalena and Ruedi, 1994). Isolated Maroccan population reviewed by Vogel et al. (2000).



    bolivari Morales Agacino, 1934
    hindei Thomas, 1904
    suahelae Heller, 1912
    tamrinensis Vesmanis and Vesmanis, 1980

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