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SPECIES Crocidura tenuis

Author:Müller, 1840.
Citation:In Temminck, Verh. Nat. Gesch. Nederland Overz. Bezitt., Zool., Zoogd. Indisch. Archipel: 26, 50.
Common Name:Timor Shrew
Type Locality:Timor.
Distribution:Timor (Indonesia).
Status:IUCN – Vulnerable.
Comments:Jenkins (1982:273) considered conspecificy of tenuis with fuliginosa but stated that present evidence is not sufficient. Hutterer (1993a) and Ruedi (1995) retained it as a separate species. In case of conspecificy with fuliginosa, tenuis would be the earliest name for the group.



    macklotii Jentink, 1888

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