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SPECIES Crocidura shantungensis

Author:Miller, 1901.
Citation:Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash., 14: 158.
Common Name:Asian Lesser White-toothed Shrew
Type Locality:China, Shantung (=Shandong), Chimeh.
Distribution:SE Siberia, E China and Korea incl. Taiwan, Cheju and Tsuchima Isl.
Status:IUCN Data Deficient.
Comments:Revised by Jiang and Hoffmann (2001). Previously included in C. suaveolens. Iwasa et al. (2001) reported a karyotype of 2n = 40, FN = 46 for specimens from Cheju Isl (= Quelpart Isl) which is indistinguishable from that of C. suaveolens. Kuroda (1934) included quelpartis in C. dsinezumi, while Jameson and Jones (1977) included it in C. russula. Motokawa et al. (2003) analyzed the morphometric geographic variation of shantungensis and found that populations of Cheju Isl (quelpartis) and Taiwan (hosletti) average larger. Possibly quelpartis can be recognized as a subspecies.


SUBSPECIES shantungensis

SUBSPECIES quelpartis


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