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SPECIES Crocidura serezkyensis

Author:Laptev, 1929.
Citation:Opred. Mlekopitay. Sredney Asyy, Tashkent, 1: 16.
Common Name:Lesser Rock Shrew
Type Locality:Tajikistan, Pamir Mtns, Lake Sarezskoye.
Distribution:Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Previously included in pergrisea (Jenkins, 1976; Spitzenberger, 1971a), but considered a distinct species by Stogov and Bondar (1966) and Stogov (1985). Records from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan (Graphodatsky et al., 1988) and Turkmenistan (Stogov and Bondar, 1966) presumably belong to the same species. Graphodatsky et al. (1988) reported on the karyotype of a specimen from Dzhulfa, SW Azerbaijan (under the name pergrisea); with 2n = 22, FN = 34, serezkyensis has the lowest chromosome number ever recorded for a shrew. Populations in Asia Minor (arispa Spitzenberger, 1971) were included in serezkyensis in the former edition (Hutterer, 1993a), but Kryštufek and Vohralík (2001) have demonstrated that both represent distinct species.



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