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SPECIES Crocidura ramona

Author:Ivanitskaya, Shenbrot, and Nevo, 1996.
Citation:Z. SSugetierk., 61: 97.
Common Name:Negev Shrew
Type Locality:Israel, Negev, NE region of Makhtesh Ramon (30°40'N, 34°56'E).
Distribution:Israel, Negev Highlands and edge of Judean Desert.
Comments:A light silver-gray shrew with a unique karyotype of 2n = 28, FN = 46 (Ivanitskaya et al., 1996a). Possibly related to the arispa, armenica, pergrisea, serezkiensis, zarudnyi group of rock shrews. Kryštufek and Vohralík (2001) raised the question whether portali might represent an earlier name for ramona, however, portali was discussed as part of gmelini by Hutterer and Kock (2002).



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