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SPECIES Crocidura hilliana

Author:Jenkins and Smith, 1995.
Citation:Bull. Nat. Hist. Mus. Lond. (Zool.), 61: 103.
Common Name:Hill's Shrew
Type Locality:NE Thailand, Loei Province, 48 km S Loei, Ban Nong Hin, Wat Tham Maho Lan, 1706'N, 10153'E, 575 m.
Distribution:NE and C Thailand, Laos.
Comments:A shrew somewhat smaller than C. fuliginosa described on the basis of skulls removed from owl pellets (Jenkins and Smith, 1995; Smith et al., 2000). Also recorded from Laos (Smith et al., 1998). Motokawa and Harada (1998) described the animal and its karyotype (2n = 50, NF = 60). This karyotype is similar to that of "C. attenuata" from Thailand (2n = 50, FN = 66), as published by Tsuchiya et al. (1979).



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