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SPECIES Crocidura flavescens

Author:I. Geoffroy, 1827.
Citation:Dict. Class. Hist. Nat., 11: 324.
Common Name:Greater Red Musk Shrew
Type Locality:"La Cafrerie et le pays des Hottentots" = King William's Town, South Africa.
Distribution:South Africa.
Status:IUCN Vulnerable.
Comments:For correct original citation see Ellerman et al. (1953). Does not include olivieri; see Maddalena et al. (1987) and comments under that species. Reviewed by Meester (1963). Karyotype (2n = 50, FN = 74) described by Maddalena et al. (1987).



    capensis (A. Smith, 1833)
    cinnamomeus (Lichtenstein, 1829)
    knysnae Roberts, 1946
    rutilus (Sundevall, 1846)

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