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SPECIES Erinaceus amurensis

Author:Schrenk, 1859.
Citation:Reisen im Amur-Lande, 1: pl. 4, fig. 2:100.
Common Name:Amur Hedgehog
Type Locality:Russia, E Siberia, "In der Nähe der Stadt Aigun, im mandschurischen Dorfe Gulssoja am Amur".
Distribution:Russia; Amur River and tributaries, from Zeya eastward, then south through E China to Hunan Prov.; Korea.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:Formerly included in europaeus (see Corbet, 1978c, Gromov and Baranova, 1981, also Zhang et al., 1997); but considered distinct by Corbet (1984), Zaitsev (1984), and Bannikova et al. (1996). Range and subspecific boundaries uncertain, partly due to confusion with Hemiechinus, see Corbet (1988:144). Indomalayan range mapped by Corbet and Hill (1992), Chinese range by Zhang et al. (1997).



    chinensis Satunin, 1907
    dealbatus Swinhoe, 1870
    hanensis Matschie, 1907
    koreanus Lönnberg, 1922
    koreensis Mori, 1922
    kreyenbergi Matschie, 1907
    orientalis J. Allen, 1903
    tschifuensis Matschie, 1907
    ussuriensis Satunin, 1907

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