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SPECIES Atelerix albiventris

Author:Wagner, 1841.
Citation:In Schreber, Die Säugethiere, Suppl.2: 22.
Common Name:Four-toed Hedgehog
Type Locality:Probably Senegal or Gambia; see Allen (1939:20).
Distribution:Savanna and steppe zones from Senegal to Eritrea and Somalia and south to the Zambezi River.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).
Comments:No convincing subspecific arrangement has been proposed for this species. For synonyms see Corbet (1988:149) and Ansell (1974b).



    adansoni (Rochebrune, 1883)
    atratus (Rhoads, 1896)
    diadematus (Fitzinger, 1867)
    faradjius J. A. Allen, 1922
    heterodactylus (Sundevall, 1842)
    hindei (Thomas, 1910)
    kilimanus Thomas, 1918
    langi J. A. Allen, 1922
    lowei Setzer, 1956
    oweni (Setzer, 1953)
    pruneri (Wagner, 1841)
    sotikae (Heller, 1910)
    spiculus (Thomas and Wroughton, 1907)
    spinifex Thomas, 1918

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