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SPECIES Ochotona (Pika) hyperborea

Author:Pallas, 1811.
Citation:Zoogr. Rosso-Asiat., 1: 152.
Common Name:Northern Pika
Type Locality:"... e terris Tschuktschicis," [Chukotsk peninsula (Ognev, 1940:41), Chukotsk AO, Russia].
Distribution:Ural, Putorana, Sayan Mtns, east of Lena River to Chukotka, Koryatsk and Kamchatka; upper Yenesei, Transbaikalia, and Amur regions, Sakhalin Isl (Russia); NC Mongolia; NE China; N Korea; Hokkaido (Japan).
Status:IUCN Lower Risk (lc); the subspecies yesoensis is considered to be rare on Hokkaido, Japan.
Comments:Subgenus Pika. Formerly included in alpina; see A. T. Smith et al. (1990), and references therein. Differences in morphology and vocalizations are noticeable where hyperborea and alpina are sympatric in the W Sayan Mtns, Khangai Mtns, and Transbaikalia, and character displacement in size is also evident in some populations (Lissovsky and Lissovskaya, 2000; A. T. Smith et al., 1990). The original Pallas citation was printed and privately circulated in 1811, but not published for general distribution until 1826. Subspecies follow Lissovsky; formerly included O. turuchanensis Naumov 1934, which is considered a separate species (Lissovsky, 2002).


SUBSPECIES hyperborea

SUBSPECIES cinereoflava


SUBSPECIES ferruginea

SUBSPECIES mantchurica


SUBSPECIES uralensis

SUBSPECIES yesoensis

SUBSPECIES yoshikurai


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