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SPECIES Ochotona (Conothoa) gaoligongensis

Author:Wang, Gong, and Duan, 1988.
Citation:Zool. Res., 9: 201, 206.
Common Name:Gaoligong Pika
Type Locality:"Dongsao-fang [Mount Gaoligong], (27E45'N, 98E27'E), Gongshan Co., Northwest Yunnan, alt. 2950 m." [China].
Distribution:Known only from the type locality.
Status:IUCN Data Deficient.
Comments:Subgenus Conothoa. From the original description, this taxon is likely to prove to be a synonym or sister species of O. forresti, which is known to occur in the same area (Yu et al., 1992).



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