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SPECIES Ochotona (Ochotona) dauurica

Author:Pallas, 1776.
Citation:Reise Prov. Russ. Reichs., 3: 692.
Common Name:Daurian Pika
Type Locality:"Vivit in campis, montiumque declivibus arenosis apricis, per totam Dauuriam..." Restricted by Ellerman and Morrison-Scott (1951:452) to "Kulusutai, Onon River, Eastern Siberia" [Chitinsk. Obl. Russia].
Distribution:Steppes from Altai, Tuva, and Transbaikalia (Russia) through N China and Mongolia, south to Qinghai Province, China. Zhang et al. (1997), listed it from Henan and Hebei provinces, but this may be a lapsus.
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc). Considered a pest, is intensively controlled in China; control in Russia has been much less intensive. Isolated populations around the margins of the Gobi Desert in China and Mongolia are very vulnerable (A. T. Smith et al., 1990).
Comments:Subgenus Ochotona. The spelling of dauurica conforms to that of the original description. Formerly included curzoniae and melanostoma; see curzoniae, above. The retention of annectens as a subspecies is conservative; see comments under cansus. Inclusion of shaanxiensis as a synonym of O. d. bedfordi is provisional (see Wang and Xu, 1992). Ellerman and Morrison-Scott’s type restriction is dubious because modern Kulusutai is south of the Onon River, at the NE end of Lake Baron-Torei. See Ognev (1940:62) and Allen (1938:551) for alternate type localities in the same general area.



SUBSPECIES annectens




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