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SPECIES Rattus tiomanicus

Author:Miller, 1900.
Citation:Proc. Wash. Acad. Sci., 2: 212.
Common Name:Malaysian Field Rat
Type Locality:Malaysia, Pahang, Tioman Isl, off the east coast Malay Peninsula.
Distribution:Endemic to the Sunda Shelf and some offshore islands. Records on the Shelf are from peninsular Thailand south of Isthmus of Kra (10°30'N), the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Java, Bali, Borneo, Palawan (see Heaney et al., 1998, for records from the Palawan Faunal Region), and many smaller islands. Off the Sunda Shelf, R. tiomanicus is documented from Enggano Isl, southwest of Sumatra, and Maratua Arch., east of Borneo (Musser and Calafia, 1982; Musser and Heaney, 1985).
Status:IUCN – Lower Risk (lc).

Rattus rattus species group. Reviewed by Musser and Califia (1982), who also summarized and provided references documenting the incorrect historical association of tiomanicus and the other synonyms listed here as subspecies of R. rattus. They also pointed out that careful study of inter-island variation among named forms of the R. tiomanicus complex is necessary before relationships among the insular populations can be discerned; more than one species may be represented in what is now viewed as R. tiomanicus. Miller’s (1942) blangorum from the Aceh region of N Sumatra, for example, was originally described as a species, then included in R. tiomanicus (Musser and Califia, 1982), and is here reinstated as a separate species (see account of R. blangorum).

Rattus mindorensis from Mindoro Isl in the Philippines; R. simalurensis from the islands of Babi, Lasia, Siumat, and Simalule, off the northwest coast of Sumatra; R. lugens from the Mentawai Arch., and R. adustus from Pulau Enggano (all islands off W coast of Sumatra), and R. burrus from some of the Nicobar Isls, are morphologically similar to the R. tiomanicus complex and should be considered part of it (Musser, 1986; Musser and Heaney, 1985). Whether they are species or island forms of R. tiomanicus can be determined within the framework of a systematic revision of the R. tiomanicus complex employing morphological and molecular data.

Distribution and ecology of R. tiomanicus on the small islands off the tip of N Sabah documented by Md Nor (1996). It is found primarily in the lowlands on Borneo but reaches 1700 m on slopes of Mt Kinabalu in Sabah (Md Nor, 2001, and references cited therein).




    ambersoni Schwarz and Schwarz, 1967
    banguei Chasen and Kloss, 1932
    batin Robinson, 1916
    delirius Sody, 1941
    ducis (Lyon, 1911)
    fulmineus (Miller, 1913)
    generatius Sody, 1941
    jalorensis (Bonhote, 1903)
    jarak (Bonhote, 1905)
    jemuris Chasen and Kloss, 1931
    julianus (Miller, 1903)
    kabanicus Hill, 1960
    kunduris Chasen and Kloss, 1931
    lamucotanus (Lyon, 1911)
    lasurius Sody, 1941
    luxuriosus Chasen, 1935
    maerens (Miller, 1911)
    mangalumis Kloss, 1931
    mara (Miller, 1913)
    pauper (Miller, 1913)
    payanus Chasen and Kloss, 1931
    pemanggis Chasen, 1940
    perhentianus Chasen, 1940
    pharus Hill, 1960
    piperis Schwarz and Schwarz, 1967
    rhionis (Thomas and Wroughton, 1909)
    roa (Miller, 1913)
    roquei Sody, 1929
    rumpia (Robinson and Kloss, 1911)
    sabae Medway, 1965
    sebasianus Sody, 1941
    siantanicus (Miller, 1900)
    sribuatensis Hill, 1960
    tambelanicus (Miller, 1900)
    tenggolensis Yong, 1971
    terutavensis Hill, 1960
    tingius (Miller, 1913)
    tua (Miller, 1913)
    vernalus Sody, 1940
    viclana (Miller, 1913)

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